Monday, March 12, 2018

Planetary Interaction Tables

If you haven't tried it, Planetary Interaction is a great way to supplement your income, produce supplies you may need, and add some variety to your Eve experience. The key thing you need to know is what supplies can be created and what the "recipes" are for each. There are some great pages made by others that provide this information, but in my effort to host more of this information myself as well, I've provided some recipe tables here.

To find planets you are interested in close to the area you want to operate in, try using the Dotlan Planet Range tool.

1st Level RefinedRaw ResourceBarrenGasIceLavaOceanicPlasmaStormTemp.
BacteriaMicro Organisms X X X X
BiofuelsCarbon Compounds X X X
BiomassPlanktic Colonies X X
Chiral StructuresNon-CS Crystals X X
ElectrolytesIonic Solutions X X
Industrial FibersAutotrophs X
Oxidizing CompoundReactive Gas X
OxygenNoble Gas XX X
PlasmoidsSuspended Plasma X XX
Precious MetalsNoble Metals X X
ProteinsComplex Organisms X X
Reactive MetalsBase Metals XX X XX
SiliconFelsic Magma X
Toxic MetalsHeavy Metals XX X
WaterAqueous Liquids XXX X XX

2nd Level Refined1st Level Refined1st Level Refined
Biocells Biofuels+Precious Metals
Construction Blocks Reactive Metals+Toxic Metals
Consumer Electronics Toxic Metals+Chiral Structures
Coolant Water+Electrolytes
Enriched Uranium Toxic Metals+Precious Metals
Fertilizer Proteins+Bacteria
Gen Enhanced LivestockProteins+Biomass
Livestock Biofuels+Proteins
Mechanical Parts Reactive Metals+Precious Metals
Microfiber Shielding Industrial Fibers+Silicon
Miniature Electronics Silicon+Chiral Structures
Nanites Reactive Metals+Bacteria
Oxides Oxygen+Oxidizing Compound
Polyaramids Industrial Fibers+Oxidizing Compound
Polytextiles Industrial Fibers+Biofuels
Rocket Fuel Electrolytes+Plasmoids
Silicate Glass Silicon+Oxidizing Compound
Superconductors Water+Plasmoids
Supertensile Plastics Oxygen+Biomass
Synthetic Oil Electrolytes+Oxygen
Test Cultures Water+Bacteria
Transmitter Chiral Structures+Plasmoids
Viral Agent Bacteria+Biomass
Water-Cooled CPU Water+Reactive Metals

3rd Level Refined2nd Level Refined2nd Level Refined2nd Level Refined
Biotech Research Reports Construction Blocks+Livestock+Nanites
Camera Drones Rocket Fuel+Silicate Glass
Condensates Coolant+Oxides
Cryoprotectant Solution Fertilizer+Synthetic Oil+Test Cultures
Data Chips Microfiber Shielding+Supertensile Plastics
Gel-Matrix Biopaste Biocells+Oxides+Superconductors
Guidance Systems Transmitter+Water-Cooled CPU
Hazmat Detection Systems Polytextiles+Transmitter+Viral Agent
Hermetic Membranes Gen. Enhanced Livestock+Polyaramids
High-Tech Transmitters Polyaramids+Transmitter
Industrial Explosives Fertilizer+Polytextiles
Neocoms Biocells+Silicate Glass
Nuclear Reactors Enriched Uranium+Microfiber Shielding
Planetary Vehicles Mechanical Parts+Miniature Electronics+Supertensile Plastics
Robotics Consumer Electronics+Mechanical Parts
Smarfab Units Construction Blocks+Miniature Electronics+
Supercomputers Consumer Electronics+Coolant+Water-Cooled CPU
Synthetic Synapses Supertensile Plastics+Test Cultures
Transcranial MicrocontrollersBiocells+Nanites
Ukomi Super Conductors Superconductors+Synthetic Oil
Vaccines Livestock+Viral Agent

4th Level Refined3rd Level Refined3rd Level RefinedMisc. Refined (Level)
Broadcast Node Data Chips+High-Tech Transmitters+Neocoms (3rd)
Integrity Response Drones Gel-Matrix Biopaste+Hazmat Detection Systems+Planetary Vehicles (3rd)
Nano-Factory Industrial Explosives+Ukomi Super Conductors+Reactive Metals (1st)
Organic Mortar Applicators Condensates+Robotics+Bacteria (1st)
Recursive Computing Module Guidance Systems+Synthetic Synapses+Transcranial Microcontrollers (3rd)
Self-Harmonizing Power CoreCamera Drones+Hermetic Membranes+Nuclear Reactors (3rd)
Sterile Conduits Smartfab Units+Vaccines+Water (1st)
Wetware Mainframe Biotech Research Reports+Cryoprotectant Solution+Supercomputers (3rd)

Sunday, February 4, 2018

New Reference Category

I am adding a new category to this blog site named Reference. It is intended to be the quick link to information I find useful to reference while actually playing Eve. So while playing, a visitor can click the Reference category, and have all the most useful blog posts up for reference while playing. Feel free to provide feedback about what other topics or prior blog posts you think would be useful to include in this category.

Note that if you click the category from the side bar, it will not show all posts.  You will have to click the link to view older posts to see the older ones.  I'm trying to figure out how to show them all on the same page without that additional hassle, but so far I haven't figured out how.  If necessary, I will just go back and repost all the old posts so that they appear in the same date range and will all appear together, but I'm going to spend a little more time researching first to see if I can fix it without such a hackish workaround.

 Also, don't forget that I also have a Tools and Programming category that can also be useful, though those aren't necessarily needed on a regular basis, so most of them will most likely not also be included under Reference.

Monday, January 22, 2018

NPC Damage Types and Weaknesses

This year, I'm going to try to post more immediately useful Eve information.  Even though it's available many other places on the web already, I want my own set of pages hosted here that provide all the reference information of interest.  Today that means a table of NPC damage types and weaknesses.

NPCDamage TypeWeakness Type
Faction EMKiThExEMKiThExShip Alias
Amarr X X O
Angel X X X X OGist
Blood RaiderX X O Corp
Caldari X X O
Gallente X X O
Gurista X X O
Khanid X X O
Minmatar X X X X O
Mordu X X O
Rogue Drone X X X X O
Sansha X X O
Serpentis X X O

Thursday, January 18, 2018

More Bacon

Do you feel it?  Do you feel it?  I'm feeling it.  Eve needs more Bacon.

The Bacon is back.

I need a bit of a refresher, so my first few weeks might be light weight activity, and I'm not sure how much AG I'll be involved in, if any, but I just can't stay away from a game where I can fit and fly space ships.  And I have some ideas on some new things I'd like to do.  Real life often requires my attention and pulls me away from games, but I'm going to try to carve out a little time again for Eve, as it can be quite fun.

While I can't speak for how much or even if I will involve myself with AG again, I will as always remain NRDS in nullsec space.  That's just how I roll.  I want to remain careful that I don't attack anyone who is not actually interested in combat.  For the sake of all capsuleers in Eve, commerce should remain unimpeded among non-warring factions.  It just makes for a better game with happier, wealthier players who will in turn be able to buy more ships and fittings and be more inclined to engage in entertaining and mutually desired combat.

That said, I don't expect others to follow my ways.  My only *real* beef remains with the true griefers who delight not in playing the game but in upsetting others and generally making Eve a less fun place to be.  To all of those folks, I offer you my one finger salute, but with a genuine hope that you some day learn to be better people.  To everyone else, I look forward to seeing you out among the stars again.

Fly with honor,

Scott Bacon

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Buy One Month Get One Free

I checked my account status today and saw they currently have a special offer -- buy one month, get one free.  So 2 months for about $15.  Not sure how long that deal has been running nor how much longer it will be available, but I am tempted to resub for a couple of months to take advantage of the offer.  $7.50 a month sounds pretty good.

If you would like to see me back in action, shoot me an email or comment on this post and let me know!  I do miss the action sometimes.

Scott Bacon
Loyal supporter of Silent Infinity and NRDS null space

Monday, April 4, 2016

In a Parallel Universe

Greetings fellow citizens of Eve. 

It was my pleasure getting to share the wonderous universe of Eve with all of you during my time in Eve space.  Despite it's flaws, it was a worthy adventure.  It's biggest flaw, in my opinion, were the game mechanics that allowed some less savory inhabitants to feed off of negativity and the grief of others.  Of course, I refer to the niche of gankers (a subgroup of gankers) who bring down the community not from their ganking, but from their intent to grief others -- those who feed their own pleasure through causing pain in others.  But there were many good people as well, who thrived on the mutual joy of game play in both peace and conflict.  It is that for which the game was intended.  I will miss all of you good capsuleers who wished to share in positive mutual game play.

Alas, I am too busy in real life (RL) to continue with Eve at the time.  We should all fight the good fight.  The good fight in Eve is trying to find and support a balance of play that allows all capsuleers to enjoy the game not just in peace but in conflict.  A worthy goal.  And for the time being, the good fight in RL has me too busy to continue the good fight in Eve.  I will leave my communication channels open while I am away, and I will always be with you in spirit.

Both friend and foe, I would humbly ask you to always seek ways to better your experiences, not just for yourself, but for everyone around you.  Good luck to you all.

Scott Bacon

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Grid-Fu Just Got Ganked!

Supposedly, with the December 8th update (I haven't personally verified it yet), default grid size has changed from 250 km to a surprisingly large 8000 km.  You can read all about it here:

One thing that update doesn't talk about is how gankers would often attempt to use Grid-Fu, the intentional manipulation of Eve space grids, to their advantage.  This will be a lot harder to do now. 

Some organizations within Eve may have considered Grid-Fu to be a valid intelligence tactic to combat their opponents, but overall, I view the grid change as a very positive change.  Not only were the smaller grids often just plain annoying, they also break game immersion.  This is one of those less common cases where a gank is a good thing.  Grid-Fu just got ganked!